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SeQuent® Please Product Philosophy

Sharing Expertise – more than just a slogan

"Sharing Expertise" is a promise to customers and colleagues to share medical knowledge and expertise for the benefit of health, to use this knowledge effectively and to expand it logically, consistently and with determination, in dialogue with our partners. The B. Braun brand rests on three supporting pillars: our brand values of innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Creating Innovation
Vascular Systems, a subdivision of B. Braun's Aesculap division, created with SeQuent® Please – a clinically proven Drug Coated Balloon – a true innovation. SeQuent® Please offers cardiologists a new treatment option and patients a safe and effective coronary artery disease therapy.

Increasing Efficiency
Thanks to its proven efficacy especially in ISR and SVD SeQuent Please is the perfect product to increase your efficiency.

Living Sustainability
SeQuent® Please translates sustainability as follows:

  • Effective CAD treatment for a greater number of patients
  • Better safety (no polymer)
  • Less side effects (thrombosis)
  • Improved quality of life

SeQuent® Please – a clinically proven drug coated balloon
SeQuent® Please is a novel concept of targeted, polymerfree and homogenous drug delivery to treat different types of coronary stenosis. It is intended to be used for all common coronary lesions including the ‘worst-case’ indications:

  • Patients with ‘in-stent restenosis’ (ISR) i.e. a particularly severe condition in which a vessel with a previously implanted stent became re-narrowed or re-occluded.
  • Small vessel disease (SVD) for coronary arteries having diameters of up to 2.8 mm.

The non-stent based drug delivery using Paclitaxel matrix Drug Coated Balloons (DCB) have received significant attention based on very favourable DCB outcomes in a number of preclinical and clinical trials.

The initial concept that drug delivery is mediated by the stent struts as the drug carrier and that the drug coated process requires a longer lasting drug release in the range of weeks are apparently not essential to yield favourable and sustained patient outcomes. Furthermore polymer based drug delivery applied in DES may not be a treatment of choice for all patients that may have anticoagulation therapy compliance issues.

There is growing evidence that Paclitaxel coated DCB may eliminate factors of incertitude relative to late thrombosis and antiplatelet therapy compliance since there is no polymer implanted into the vascular wall.

PEPCAD Clinical Program
SeQuent® Please has been clinically studied in the PEPCAD (Paclitaxel Eluting PTCA Catheter in Coronary Artery Disease) Clinical Program. The first two trials directed by Martin Unverdorben targeted ‘In Stent Restenosis’ (ISR) and Small Vessel Disease (SVD). The rationale to study stenosis in small vessels (PEPCAD I) of diameters less than 2.8 mm was primarily the fact that these lesions remain to be a challenge for interventionalists even in the DES era.

Since the Paclitaxel PACCOCATH® coating of PTCA catheters lead to a highly significant reduction of Late Lumen Loss in ISR as compared to Plain Old Balloon Angioplasty it was of paramount interest to study the safety and efficacy of SeQuent® Please compared to a widely used Paclitaxel Eluting Stent (PEPCAD II). These two trials are complemented by initiated PEPCAD studies targeting advanced artery disease, chronic total occlusion, diabetic study populations and bifurcation lesions.