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SeQuent® Please – only

The best stent is „No Stent“

  • Overall 12 clinical studies with more than 1,500 documented patients, thereof 7 randomized clinical trials. 
  • The SeQuent® Please International Registry is the largest “all-comer”-DCB-registry with more than 2,000 patients included.

Restenosis prevention continues to be a challenge in interventional cardiology. SeQuent® Please offers a targeted, polymer-free and homogenous drug delivery designed to overcome the limitations of today's treatment options and will help to reduce the number of unnecessary stent implantations. The solely use of SeQuent Please (DCB – only concept) already shows in de-novo lesions, in-stent restenosis and small vessel diseases a unsurpassed efficacy in reducing restenosis and complication rates. The superior trial results strongly supports the concept of  “DCB – only”.

  • Polymer-free, homogenous and targeted drug delivery into vascular wall.
  • Highly bioavailable Paclitaxel and uniform drug distribution at target lesion site. 
  • Reduced duration of anti-platelet therapy with DCB – only. 
  • SeQuent® Please offers true clinical evidence and is recommended from several Cardiology Organisations and from the European Society of Cardiology.

Based on current clinical evidence, the SeQuent® Please could be considered as a viable alternative to drug-eluting stents for selected patients with coronary artery disease. Get informed about “DCB – only” in an Interview by Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Bonaventura (Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann Potsdam, Germany) and take notice from further information about the indication of SeQuent® Please “DCB – only” presented in various case studies.

Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Bonaventura, Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann Potsdam

  • Cases Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Bonaventura

  • Case 1
    De-novo Stenosis of Obtuse Marginal Branch (Female, 67 Years)
  • Case 2
    Ostial Stenosis of Left Anterior Descendent Artery (Female, 50 Years)
  • Case 3
    Small Vessel Disease: Stenosis of distal RCA (Male, 74 Years)
  • Case 4
    In-Stent Restenosis of a Bare Metal Stent (Male, 55 Years)
  • Case 5
    Ostial Stenosis of Obtuse Marginal Branch (Male, 50 Years)
  • Case 6
    Small Vessel Disease: Proximal Stenosis of Left Anterior Descendent
    Artery, Status post CABG (Female, 69 Years)
  • Case 7
    Chronic Total Occlusion of RCA (Male, 58 Years)
  • Case 8
    Triple Stenosis of Obtuse Marginal Branch (Female, 55 Years)
  • Case 9
    De-novo Stenosis of small Obtuse Marginal Branch (Male, 79 Years)